I need a new feed reader

I’ve been using newsgator for a long (relative to the internets) time. They’ve been steadily adding features and getting better. I’ve been happy. but they just screwed it up. Simultaneously, i’ve grown tired of marking articles as ‘read’.

Now with ads

the screenshot doesn’t really explain the new ads as well as it needs to. unfortunately, i lack the technology to take a screenshot which shows you the next 4 pages full of feeds boxes with 1 or 2 posts, and a full screen height of advertising in between them. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if the posts weren’t excerpted. That’s weird, because on their own, the AJAX-expanding-collapsing-excerpts are actually really cool. But the auto-clearing boxes that make sure the floated ad block on the right shows all the way to the bottom isn’t cool. I could be okay with having that many ads on my feedreader if, you know, it didn’t interfere with my ability to read feeds. 😡

Friend SurfingAt the same time, i’ve been really enjoying the wp.com friend surfer. There’s no ‘mark as read’ button, which i thought i was going to miss.  turns out, being able to load posts by how long ago they were written pretty much makes read/unread irrelevant.  it’s not like bloglines and google reader, where once i’ve glanced at an article, it’s marked as read, and then dissappears forever.  And the ‘latest posts’ view, which shows exactly 1 post from each feed, elimanates that ‘nagging feeling‘  i get when i’ve been neglecting my reader.   The multiple view options and the speed make it better than i was expecting.

Previously, my gold standard feed reader was akregator, because it shared konqueror’s cookies and allowed me to read livejournal/suicidegirls feeds that required authentication.  Then i got fascinated by john zeratsky’s read this! concept.  now, i think i want a friend surfer for non-wp.com blogs.

with, you know, a better name.  preferably one that doesn’t involve cheesy 90’s california lingo.


6 thoughts on “I need a new feed reader

  1. timethief

    I always neglect my feed reader. It seems that by the time I’ve weeded through all the email and responded to the few comments I receive I usually end up spending my time during the weekdays helping on the forum or blogging new posts. By the time Sunday rolls around I am overwhelmed by guilt and do the feed reader thing.

    I like the mis-named wordpress “friend surfer” too but think that a summary version of each entry (a teaser) would be more suitable for my needs. In fact I’m removing some folks from it just because their posts are so flipping long that I’m scrolling for miles. And like you I’d also like a friend reader for bloggers who aren’t wordpressers, yet.

  2. adam Post author

    By the time Sunday rolls around I am overwhelmed by guilt

    see, that’s the thing. i hate feeling bad about not spending time on the internets. having 500 unread articles is meaningless, but it’s so nagging

    i know what you mean about the friend surfer, but i use the hotkeys to get past them. the javascript expanding excerpt would be pretty useful on that page.

  3. lovelyloey

    I personally use Bloglines, one of the more basic ones around. But works for me. You could check it out. 🙂

  4. adam Post author

    i’m not sure i have a real objection to bloglines, other than the shade of teal they’re using. it does have the same nagging thing, but it also has the ability to sort by time since. thing is, it shows every item ever in each feed, so i can’t just click on my categories, and read recent stuff.

  5. Sathya

    I had been on and off on couple of rss readers. But when I tried Google Reader , it really got me locked in. such a simple interface and the short cut keys (j,k, space etc) are great. U could even view the images (though I noticed this not working great with some wordpress blogs) and hear to audio from within the feed.

    One disadvantage I noticed is that , there is no off line functionality, at least as of now.

  6. adam Post author

    yeah, between google and bloglines, google is definately winning. they both mark articles as ‘read’ automatically, but where bloglines makes them dissappear, google just shows them greyed out if i come back to the same folder.

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