5 things you don’t know about me meme

i have been tagged by timethief, for this meme that’s been flowing rather circularly around wordpress.com. I’m really bad at writing about myself, so i’m going to cull this list from my soopr sekrit journal that wp.com keeps trying to expose:

  1. i am allergic to cats, and i’ve never lived more than a year without one in the house.
  2. if i hadn’t gone to school for architecture, i would have gone to seminary.
  3. i rearrange and tidy grocery store shelves without realizing it.
  4. i am lazy. one of my hard drives failed 9 months ago, and i have yet to remove the stupid thing.
  5. when the (vegan) wifest leaves me home alone, i eat nothing but burritos and slim jims.

i’m running out of wp.com forum regulars to tag with this (hell, even wank got tagged). anyway, i’ll tag doctashock, nick, andy, sulz, and blaze.


4 thoughts on “5 things you don’t know about me meme

  1. timethief

    Thanks for being a good sport about being tagged Adam.

    … i would have gone to seminary

    This is interesting because years ago I was a bible school grad who headed off to Divinty School and then bailed out.

    i rearrange and tidy grocery store shelves without realizing it

    Ah Ha! A fellow placement freak. No object on a grocery store or pharmacy shelf is safe from my rearranging hands.

    I’m lazy

    … Well, me too in a selective way. I selectively choose to procrastinate when it comes to closet cleaning. Then when I do get at it I tend to donate out really nice things that I later discover I need. And why do it? I think it’s because I feel guilty about having so much when others have so little.

    slims jims

    This sounds like one of those awful “twinkie” junk food things.
    Have a merry and bright holiday. 😀

  2. adam Post author

    i’m happy to indulge 😀

    and yeah, slim jims are pretty awful they’re processed meat in stick formation. i’m also talking about $0.69 frozen burritos, which aren’t exactly culinary art 😉

  3. timethief

    Okay you drug it out of me … when Beloved is away I go out and eat a steak dinner with all the trimmings. Then I buy a box of Paulin’s chocolate coated macaroon ruffles for night time noshing.

    “When the spouse is away” sounds like a meme material, doesn’t it? 😉

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