lest you think that my tolerance for autoplaying music on wordpress.com comes from an egalitarian respect for mass customization, you should know that i am one of those people who has a myspace profile for their cat.
Now stop judging and go make friends with sparky.  or she’ll stick her asshole in your face.  actually, she’ll probably do that anyway.  deal. 😛


7 thoughts on “www.myspace.com/kitz0rs

  1. timethief

    No way. I don’t believe it. You’re entirely too cool a dude to have posted a profile for your flipping cat on lamespaces. If you had then her butthole would now be on the net for all those perverts to fantasize about. Tell me it isn’t true.

  2. adam Post author

    blame my wife. i’m just the messenger. 😛

    don’t take the internets so srsly. it’s just a series of tubes. 😀

    and no, there’s no kitty pr0n. as you said, it’s already lamespaces. i have enough respect for wp.com not to create an empty profile for her here, but the bar has been set too low on myspace.

  3. timethief

    Yup, I agree with root. The font size is even too big for me and as you know I’m visually challenged.

  4. adam Post author

    i KNOW!

    this is one of those “kick myself in the ass so i actually finish a design” kinda things (c.f simplebits, avalonstar, patrickheaney).

    anyway this is the way scott designed it. it has its own sort of aesthetic. it’s not my aesthetic, but it’s cool in its own right. screenshots just don’t do this design justice.

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