Echo and The Bunnymen

Embedded players are a nice solution to the sudden proliferation of mp3 hosting request threads in the fourms. I’ve used the tactic myself, as it’s a much more ethical means of promotion. Their effectiveness is certainly suspect though. I doubt Stereogum would have anywhere near his readership if he was only posting embedded players. and in turn, it would be substantially more difficult for bands like CYHSY to gain traction if they mass emailed an embed code, rather than an mp3.It’s also a bit surprising that automattic would choose Sonific, too. Why not AOL Music? oh, that’s right, AOL isn’t a silicon valley startup. Nonetheless, AOL music offers real choice when it comes to choosing songs to embed. That’s more important than whether you’re friends with the developers.

It’s also annoying that has had sidebar widget-like charts for months now, with a built in player for previews and full songs (per artist approval), and the occasional MP3 download. We dont’ get to use that player, because…..
choice is a bad thing? matt prefers pandora, because they’re from the valley? i have no idea.

[sonific 988319df60f2b4536cab81187f7f3633ac6abcc4]