Telling Jesus to go to hell

alright, Mullenweig, you win. It’s finally worth the effort for me to take Owen’s advice and installed X-Dashboard. You would have thought that it had been asked for enough times. You would have thought that the recent wp-hackers waffling over the inclusion of widgets would have brought it to mind:

WordPress Planet is not core functionality. It’s frilly, extra, bloat.

If you’re trying to simplify the wordpress admin area, start here. I’ve left the admin panel alone because it’s never been worth the effort to hack a core file, or install a plugin to get rid of stuff. plugins should be for adding functionality. Now it’s worth it because some idiot jesus freak thinks it’s okay to preach at people from the WTC.

Looks like i’ll be subscribing to Alex, Owen, and the other developers who have a sense of propriety in my RSS reader now. I would have thought after the mike little birthday incident, you would have the sense to tell your freaky religious zealot friends to keep their spammy preaching to themselves.


due to x-Dashboard looking ugly(er) in Tiger Admin (it doesn’t use the #zeitgeist div, so the sidebar doesn’t float properly), I hacked /wp-admin/index.php to show feeds from Ozh’s Planet wordpress. (he has the good sense to only syndicate the wp-plugins category from WTC, hence, no jesus.


3 thoughts on “Telling Jesus to go to hell

  1. Owen

    Weird. I don’t even bother reading the Dashboard these days – my bookmark goes straight to the Write page. I didn’t realize that what I was writing was appearing alongside this kind of thing. What is it, anyway?

  2. adam Post author

    some essay contest they’re running.

    it’s more often that i log in to check my spam for false positives than to write, anyway, so i should probably just bookmark /wp-admin/edit.php.

  3. timethief

    How about running a counter meme in the new year? The best essay on why Christian hypocrisy doesn’t belong on my dashboard wins.

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