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This is an addendum to raincoaster‘s operation global media domination. I never saw the value in these, since i already have my own button in my browser. but she says they drive 10% of her traffic, so I guess I’m not most people. Here are the icons for the various social bookmarking sites:

Blinkslist :: :: digg :: furl :: ma.gnolia :: newsvine :: reddit :: tailrank :: Simpy :: fark :: Stumble It!

they’re all hosted on, so you can use them ‘as-is’ if your blog is hosted on if you’re running wordpress on your own host, I highly recommend alex king’s share this plugin, or the sociable plugin. (in fact, i grabbed the icons from these plugins). If you’re not running wordpress, you must not be cool, and therefore, I cannot help you. 😉

First thing, you’ll want to grab the code. it’s in this text file:
Social Bookmarking Template

Next, publish your post. Then open up the template in a text editor (Notepad on windows, textedit on mac). You’ll want to go to Edit > Replace (or Find and Replace), and replace any instances of xURIx with the address of your post (this is why you had to publish it first).

Find and Replace

Now do the same thing, and replace xTITLEx with the title of your post. You’ll want to put + signs in place of spaces, though (e.g. so that the links work. After that, select everything and copy it.

Now go back to your post and edit it. if you’re using the rich text editor, you’ll need to switch over to the (scary) code tab. paste all this at the end of your post.

Bookmark This:

add to :: Add to Blinkslist :: add to furl :: add to ma.gnolia :: Stumble It! :: add to simpy :: seed the vine :: :: :: TailRank


12 thoughts on “social bookmarks on

  1. ventureskills

    on the original post by I placed code that helps automate the process slightly using a bookmark, you may find it helps rather then find an replace process.
    and if you want to know what it looks like in action scroll down to the bottom
    By the way the Like what you see links are generated the same way, but using a php script on my computer to create random links.

  2. ventureskills

    doh hit enter by mistake…
    To add to the above, I do see slight traffic increase with the buttons though it is very slight, however the Like what you see and other article links seem to work very well to keep people on the Blog rather then bouncing.

  3. adam Post author

    that’s definately a more automatic way of doing it. of course, it’s nearly impossible to explain here, because you can’t just post the bookmarklet.

    however, there are tons of bookmarklet tutorials, because they’re not specific to i’m not sure why, but bookmarklets seem to be a geek level above copying/pasting. as a level 7 geek, i find that strange, but i can vaguely remember being scared by the things.

  4. raincoaster

    Okay, after saying ages ago I would use this, I’ve finally gotten around to saving the template in a proper format for me. My copy of Notepad won’t do Replace.

  5. raincoaster

    Works like a dream, and brought me about 100 extra readers since I started using your graphic buttons yesterday. Definitely worth it, thanks so much!

  6. adam Post author

    well, considering that the only one to ever bring me that many hits has been stumbelupon, and that only happened once, i think you’re going to have to take more credit for your own popularity 😉

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  8. adam Post author

    thanks, dan and mamado. that seems pretty easily usable to me, although with all bookmarklets, i’m a little too tech-savvy to be a good example.

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