Private Tags

I must have missed this in the announcement.  When you set your blog to either private or invisible to search engines, you get your tags back.  You know, the tags that you assign to your posts.  The tags above this post link to the global tag page, and the only way to view this blog by tag is to dig through my ‘history’ page, and the unwieldy list of tags there.

It makes sense, since private and unsearchable blog posts don’t show up on global tag pages, so there would be no way for users to click back to the private blog.  pretty cool.


4 thoughts on “Private Tags

  1. adam Post author

    yep 🙂 the reason that i don’t use the widget (or the ambiru theme) is that i have 80-some categories. tarski’s archive is only tolerable because it uses a second column for the things. i use categories like candy tags, and most of what i write is more relevant in the context of other posts than my own posts.

    it’s just a little easter egg for people who value keeping people on their own blog.

    also, wank had some valid concerns about the accessibility of having two links with the same text pointing to 2 different locations.

  2. Lloyd Budd

    Yeah, my personal preferences would be more Flickr style tagging. First showing you the person’s results with an option for global.

    I don’t know how that would affect the Google Juice or if that is even a concern.

  3. adam Post author

    if i’d realized you thought it was a weird setup, i wouldn’t have poked at you in the forums.

    the flickr solution would definately help. i’m not sure it would affect google juice, but it might decrease clickthroughs. which, again: no idea if it’s a concern.

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