IE7, finally

I got IE upgraded to a decent browser, finally. following their instructions did get me there, kinda. where they say:

In the Find what box, type IECUSTOM: Key is still unwriteable.

That search got me nothing. I actually had to just search for “unwriteable”. and the registry keys i had to change were none of what they suggested. they were all under HKCR, and things like /.application/.xaml. oh, and i ran the install in safe mode.

archGFX looks fine, since despite the star-html hacks not working, the transparent *.PNG’s do, and the menu that looks so jumbled in 6 looks fine. at least until you hover over it.

the thin line has the same issues it’s always had, and i’m still not sure what to do with that.  the only place it’s really popular is on deviantart, and i doubt those downloaders are actually installing it.


3 thoughts on “IE7, finally

  1. sulz

    for someone who hates ie, strange he decides to upgrade it… 😛

    so would you say ie7 is better than firefox2.0?

  2. adam Post author

    no, it’s not that i would consider switching, it’s purely so i can test my themes/skins/website on IE7. I do hate 7 less than 6, though.

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