The End of Minimalism

Matt’s redesign is stunning.  he’s improved clarity while adding information and graphic detailing in every area.  Figure-ground relationships are 100% better than the previous version.  I can only hope that this wakes up the rest of the ‘web 2.0’ from the minimalist haze that’s buried everyone in gradients and blank white backgrounds.


5 thoughts on “The End of Minimalism

  1. Matt

    I’m not sure if I’d call it the end of minimalism, yet. Because it’s a personal site and the only person it really has to work for is me, I’m more inclined to take liberties with size and structure of it. For most sites I still prefer a minimal treatment that lets the content stand on its own.

  2. adam Post author

    😆 obviously it’s a little bit of hyperbole.
    minimalism is certainly an appropriate attitude for a some sites, and i’m not advocating that it never be used again, ever. just the end of the fad.

  3. blaze

    I like minimalism. I also like great big vivid biright slanted patterened bolded designs. Each has their own place.

    I like matt’s design. I think it could have done with a touch more minimalism though maybe.

  4. Anonymous

    Phooey! I thought I could excusably be ‘done’ for a while.

    Matt’s design is quite nice.

  5. Anonymous

    You know wht I am jealous of u people. Cool designs. And a at the end.

    I dont even know how to edit the WordPress theme.

    Please help me. Tell me how to edit theme. Help.

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