Unsleepable on wordpress.com

Congrats to Ben!

Unsleepable is wildly popular, and it should soon be even more popular.


I should wait, i should just not post this now. but that wouldn’t be me. i’m a snarky, self-serving asshole. so here’s why my version is better than bryan’s:

  • mine’s not bug-ridden
  • mine doesn’t have a k2 options page that doesn’t do anything (remember that unsleepable styles asides the same as non-asides)[options panel removed]
  • mine has a bottom block
  • my bottom block has widgets[only 3 widgets can be added to the bottom block, otherwise the theme breaks]
  • my header stays in line when you’re logged in (when you have that top bar on your blog)[the header now stays in place. which i suppose is just as valid as moving the background image down 28px. just less attractive]
  • my header uses the proper hover color for the title (it’s meant to be black, not blue).
  • [post link titles are not styled correctly]

Now, to be fair, there are two ways in which bryan‘s version is better than mine:

  • The footer is full width.
  • The title link is no longer an image, so it no longer requires user intervention.

(although that custom header image automattic is so proud of could make a header image quite easy).

On the plus side, this means that the k2 options panel (at least the k2 b2r167 options panel) has passed a wordpress.com security audit. so we should see k2 on wordpress.com in the near future, right?


or did it only pass the security audit because it doesn’t actually create an archive page, it doesn’t actually use matt’s asides, and the about blurp is never executed, so it couldn’t actually harm anything on wordpress.com?



this seems to be a live reboot of sorts. so i’m now ticking off the issues as they’re corrected, or modifying them as new issues are added. [updates are in brackets]


it appears i was only too right about k2. le sigh. i would post about how i really like asides, and not having an options panel in k2 really kills it for me, but i’ve been too much of a negative nancy lately. i can’t even post about them linking to binary bonsai, rather than getk2.com without feeling like that asshole. le fucking sigh.


15 thoughts on “Unsleepable on wordpress.com

  1. Matt

    The theme should be all fixed up now, we can look at putting in the custom header functionality later. You think it should be behind the nav? Thanks for your comments.

  2. adam Post author

    i think you’re going to need to use a java onclick behaviour (like neat!), and it should go behind #header, not behind #menu, since that’s the way both ben and foogaming implemented it. but you know, whatever you want to do.

    and there’s still no bottomblock. i’m stymied as to what the point of it is without the bottomblock. i see that i have a recent posts list, and a blogroll, in my frontpage sidebar, that aren’t part of my widgets. i thought maybe that was the bottomblock, but it’s not.

    what i’d really like to know is why you hired a graphic designer to go around and mix up a lot of hard work by other designers (i’m referring to both this, and shuttle), rather than you know, actually designing something. other than the wp.com bar. that’s hott. but that’s the only thing i’ve seen that he’s designed since you hired him.

  3. adam Post author

    and while we’re at it, the post title link hover is not what it should be. it’s supposed to be bold, and turn pink on hover. (and not have an underline). that’s a bastardization from widgetized unsleepable, though.

  4. Ben

    OK, call me dense, but what are you talking about? I see that link to Bryan’s post saying something about releasing unsleepable but I don’t see a link or anything on that page. Where is it being released?

  5. adam Post author

    @ben –

    it’s in your wordpress.com dashboard. (it’s been installed and normalized on wordpress.com, that’s how i’m using it on this blog, since i don’t have 15 bucks to spend on a custom CSS upgrade).

    @matt, bryan –

    this is what unsleepable is supposed to look like:

  6. Ben

    @Adam: OK, for some crazy reason it’s not showing up in my admin panel, but I’m sure that’s just a quirk, I believe you that it’s a stock theme now.

  7. Ben

    It now shows up fine for me.

    BTW, Adam, I’m just trying to cut through to the heart of things here. Do you feel hurt? I get the distinct impression from this post that you are but I’m not sure where that feeling is coming from. Again, I only ask because I tend to be kind of dense and thick-skulled.

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  9. Bryan

    Well, my apologies for not taking your version… unfortunately when I’m pointed to a theme to work on, it usually is the one from the original author. So I find it kind of insulting that you would type it out in a post instead of contacting us directly with how we could correct the things that are wrong with it.

  10. adam Post author

    no, not upset, just annoyed that matt
    a) makes directives like this that aren’t worth a hill of beans after 2 months.
    b) second guesses every design related to wordpress

    of the themes that were widely requested, this is the first one implemented. but what they wanted and what they got are not the same thing.

    you didn’t take the original version, you took the modified, widgetized version that wasn’t done by ben. when you modified the header, you paid no attention to the original. and i still have yet to hear peep about the bottomblock.
    i didn’t want you to use mine. that’s a lost cause without implementing the custom header code, and rewriting the skin as a theme. i wanted an _implimentation_ of unsleepable, not a bad remix of it.

    if i hear one more of you complaining about people using your publishing software to publish grievances with you, rather than whispering quietly, i’m going to lose it.

  11. that girl again

    I’m guessing that Matt will be back in charge of theme installations from now on 😉

    And I’d like to second the suggestion that Bryan be put to work, you know, designing. You don’t need a designer to implement existing designs, because the creative work’s already been done. You just need a coder. (And coders will probably make a quicker job of it, because they shouldn’t be tempted to mess with the original concept.) I’d personally like to see him redesign the wordpress.com homepage, which of course is never going to happen, but it’s nice to dream.

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