Themes Vs. Skins

Matt says:

“We’re probably going to add 100 themes over the next year”

which is not something i expected to hear.  I really liked the idea of “one theme to rule them all“. it seems like quite a waste to write all that PHP that’s only functionally a shade different than some other theme. I mean really, what are the structural, PHP differences between themes?

  • post meta before or after post content
  • excerpts on front pages/archive pages
  • sidebar asides

other than that, pretty much everything on the wishlist can be handled with CSS or javascript. That is, aside from any “top posts” or other special widgets. Modularity demands that appearance code (themes) be seperate from plugins (added functionality).


4 thoughts on “Themes Vs. Skins

  1. Scott

    I suppose Barthelme has been forgotten. Sigh.

    Another suppose: probably needs to be as out-of-the-box-blogging-fun as possible to keep it viable. But the fact that the Sandbox is there and able is a good thing. A very good thing.

    But what I’d like to pick up from your suggestion is scripting. It’s a security issue, of course, but perhaps that could be controlled by enabling it through plugin-like functionality. Not sure exactly.

    I think the next step is to make the blogs function better. And for that, scripting is probably the key.

  2. adam Post author

    well, possibly forgotten by matt, but probably not by the dozen people who requested it in the thread.

    my point with scripting was that much of the “cool factor” that people want from themes is done through scripting, not through any sort of core theme structure. aside from options pages (which are largely rendered moot by the combination of widgets and CSS control), there isn’t much that the PHP structure of a theme can change.

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