The Thin Line

This Skin is for Users. feel free to use this skin ‘as is’. the images are hosted on, so it’s no different than hosting them yourself. If you host your own blog, please get the zipped version of the skin.


The Thin Line 2


Agendia STD font, used for many of the graphics
Silkscreen font, used for the vertical text
Zygote skin by intolerant, for turning me on to vipnagorgialla font
Andy and Scott, for giving me such a wonderful playground. I’ve also borrowed/reused some of their CSS.


Creative Commons License
This design is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.


The Thin Line is its own layout, so you can either choose the ‘no stylesheet’ option from the sandbox skins menu, or you can choose ‘Start from scratch and just use this’ from the edit CSS panel.


The goal of this skin is to leverage the semantic classes of the Sandbox. So for each post, there is a corner label that shows the date using some very attractive fonts not found on most computers. Similar numbering will be shown on pingbacks soon.

Sidebar 2 acts as a footer to the layout, and anything you put in it will be displayed horizontally, rather than vertically.


The Thin Line CSS

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4 thoughts on “The Thin Line

  1. britgirl

    Don’t be offended by this as it’s my personal opinion:)… It’s a nice layout and design. But why is it so dark? I can hardly see the text on this background. My readers were telling me (after the fact) they found Regulus hard to read, I don’t know what they’d say if I used this one on them. In terms of layout/design I like it, in terms of usability (being able to read it), I don’t think I could use it.

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