I [Heart] Sandbox

I think i’ll give up making wordpress themes. skinning is way more fun. I mean skinning in the old school, winamp 2.x sense of the word. See, I’ve got this little project. And I’m making horrendously fun graphics like this. It’s totally excessive, and the CSS for it is going to be gorram huge. But it’s fun as hell. The idea is to make use of as much of the semantic markup in Sandbox as possible. I’m talking rasterized text images for everything 😈

that includes the links in the footer. wordpress has a logo, but i think sandbox needs one. especially if it’s going to become the new default theme (which i think it should). so here are my suggestions:

Sandbox Screenshot Logo

and the obligatory “wet floor” logo, with colors based on Everaldo’s Crystal *.tar.gz icon:

Sandbox 2 point 0000000000000000h!!!!

and, at Scott’s request, something a bit less yellow, but no less silly:

Sandbox Gray

And it scales down to footer sized pretty damn well, i think. Anyway, I think Scott’s a bang up guy, and the sandbox is fuckin’ awesome. No matter what you hear from anybody else. And yes, i know that my isometric drawing isn’t quite right. I think it’s better that way.


8 thoughts on “I [Heart] Sandbox

  1. Scott

    Hot damn those look fine. Well done, Adam. I am actually going to post on the Sandbox this week. And will definitely have my eye turned this way. 🙂

  2. adam Post author


    that’ll give me something to do besides checking the SVN every other day 😉

  3. Hi again, your little project is great. btw, I have encountered some difficulties when customizing my css. Could you be so kind to shed some light on my work? Thank you in advance.

    When clicking on a particular catagory page, I see sandbox show not the original content, but the excerption. How can I change the page to look exactly the same as the root content page, with all the font settings, links & photos?

  4. adam Post author


    unfortunately (no offense, scott) that’s the way sandbox is supposed to work. it’s coded into the PHP, and nothing you can do in CSS will change that. also note that on category pages, post title are h3’s instead of h2’s (and there’s an h2 for the whole page).

  5. Scott

    No offense taken!

    Keep in mind that the Sandbox is a place to learn CSS. It’s all about design. It’s honestly nice not to have to worry about architecture all (oh, excerpt on category pages but not on search results, etc.).

    Hang in there, Prince, and you’ll figure it out soon. CSS is very powerful and you can do a lot with it, but its much more finite than, let’s say, PHP is.

  6. Thanks a lot. ^^ And I should have known that. CSS, then PHP, then find a host, then much much more to learn.

  7. adam Post author

    just out of curiosity, scott:

    why do author and category archives get the body.archive tag, but search pages don’t? is there any structural difference between them that i’m missing?

  8. Scott

    Hmm. Interesting, Adam. There are some slight differences between those three pages (namely in .entry-meta.

    I’ll have to think on that. My thought is that there are three types of archive pages: category-, author-, and date-based archvies for a blog. (OK, tag if that’s your fancy.)

    Whereas the search results aren’t an archive because they are dynamic and based entirely on the input of the user. What’s interesting about this, though, is that the search page will return the same results as an archive page, but based on a keyword. They’re like a keyword(s)-based archives.

    Let me have a think. You’re on to something, though.

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