what to do

i’m currently debating moving my blog. again.

archGFX is now home to valuable interviewing material, should i happen to need a portfolio on a moment’s notice. or a resume. unfortunately, it’s also home to posts about ex-girlfriends, smoking, and fits of early-20’s-angst. i should probably move those posts somewhere else, and leave that blog to function as a CMS and news blog. unfortunately, when i imported those posts to wordpress.com, i lost all my categories. so i need to fix that. i just don’t know how. or if it’s worth it. i think the thing to do is try running 2.1 alpha on archgfx, in hopes that the categories will be compatible with wp.com (and re-import). plus, then i can use a static front page the easy way. it’s just a lot of work.


3 thoughts on “what to do

  1. Scott

    Ewww! Going minimal. Like this theme, actually. And that banner image isn’t too shabby either.

  2. adam Post author

    it has a few glitches to be sure(note the RSS widget heading to the right). mainly i’m jst going for the biggest banner image i can find, and waiting until fauna gets updated.

    also, i’m reconsidering, in light of wank’s latest post.

  3. Scott

    Yikes. I just read Wank’s post. Highly unusual. I’ve email Mr. M— and posted on wp-hackers, so let’s see what is said. I guess when news comes down from Mt. Sinai, it’s literally written in stone.

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