More Plugins and Edits

while trying to make validate, i found i’d broken Related Posts. When there are no related posts, the plugin only calls the wrapper for the post headline, not the whole post. so if you have, like i have <li>title<br /> <small>content</small></li>, your page won’t validate. fix:

else {
echo $before_title.'No related posts'.$after_title.$before_post.$after_post;

in the middle of the file, right before it says // End Related Posts. now all my single post pages validate, not just the ones with related posts.

the next one is purely an annoyance. WPvideo is a great plugin. it’s damn near impossible to post youtube videos elsewise. that’s why i post them here so often. i finally installed WPvideo because i needed to post some videos in my portfolio.

Now, I understand wanting a link back. I love having linkbacks in my theme. but that’s in the footer. it’s not hard to add information to footers. spam karma does it. all it takes is a little add_action('wp_footer', 'wpvideo_footer');

that’s a damn sight different than sticking a link to your plugin in my #CONTENT, EVERY TIME i insert a video. so i deleted all credit for it. It’s my video, not yours. don’t go plastering your name on it. so i found:

$htmlcode .= '<div class="wpv_self"><a href="">WPvideo ' . WPV_VERSION . '</a></div>';

and emptied the variable, so the line reads:

$htmlcode .= '';

Also i’ve found that WP-SWFObject plus the Flash Video Player is a fantastic combination.