Unsleepable for WordPress.com

This Skin is for WordPress.com Users. feel free to use this skin ‘as is’. the images are hosted on wordpress.com, so it’s no different than hosting them yourself. If you host your own blog, please get the zipped version of the skin.

Unsleepable Screenshot


Theme Author: Ben Gray
This theme has been slightly modified from the base theme,
K2 by Michael Heilemann
Header code base gleaned from Foogaming.com
All elements of this theme are protected by the GPL.
Unsleepable uses Fam Fam Fam Silk Icons, modified in places by Ben Gray.

IMPORTANT: This is a proof-of concept release. The classes and ID’s of sandbox are not final, so i may need to update this.


Number of entries: Unsleepable was designed to show only 2 entries on the front page, with the remaining entries showing as links directly below, in the bottom block. (It still works just fine with more entries.)
Date Formating: Again, this is optional. Unsleepable looks best with the following date and time settings:

Date Formatting

Theme: This is designed for use with Sandbox. It will not perform well with other themes. After selecting Sandbox from your dashboard, go to the “Sandbox Skins” page and select “No Stylesheet” (bottom right). Now You’re ready to paste the CSS into your “Custom CSS” page.

Header Image: Unsleepable uses a clickable header image. you’ll need to create one, otherwise your blog will say ‘unsleepable’ at the top. There are tutorials for GIMP or Photoshop to create a header image. GIMP is free and open-source, Photoshop is $600-ish. your call. After creating the image, you’ll need to upload it to wordpress.com, and find the #blog-title a section of the CSS (it’s the second section), and change line 15:

background: transparent url('https://sunburntkamel.files.wordpress.com/2006/08/title.gif') no-repeat 20% 82% !important;

Replace the address inside the parentheses with the address of the image you just uploaded.


Sandbox is not Unsleepable. I’ve done my best to make the differences as minimal as possible. here they are:

  • Tabs are not all the same width. they depend on the length of the name of the page you create. (casualty of needing to re-write the header)
  • The footer doesn’t span the entire page. If I find a way to change this, I will. I’m not sure it’s possible, though.
  • The edit link is at the bottom of the post. This is one of the many structural differences between unsleepable and sandbox. But hey, at least you get the cool Silk pencil icon. 😛
  • WordPress.com doesn’t use flickrRSS, so you don’t get the cool hover action.


Aside from the afformentioned clickable header image, you’ll notice that unsleepable uses a widgetized bottom block. The secondary sidebar (the bottom block) only shows up on the front page of your blog. If you add more than three widgets, they will wrap to a second line., and cause a very large bottom block. If that’s what you like, go nuts. You may want to make sure that the third widget (farthest right) is taller than the rest so that the wrapping looks nice.

Noteworthy Posts: If you create a category called ‘Noteworthy’, you’ll notice that any posts in that category will have a star next to the title. You can show a list of Noteworthy posts by adding an RSS widget to the sidebar, and adding http://USERNAMEHERE.wordpress.com/tag/noteworthy/feed/ as the feed.

Page Navigation: When you create new pages, they will show up as tabs in the top menu. Unless, of course, you use give them a Page Parent while you’re writing. Then they will only show up in the Pages widget. The pages widget, in turn, will only show up when you’re viewing a page. if that doesn’t suit you, feel free to remove this section:

body.home .widget_pages, body.archive .widget_pages, body.single .widget_pages {
display: none;

Then the pages widget will show up on all pages. Either way, I’d recommend putting the pages widget near the top of the primary sidebar.

Archives and Links: This skin includes fully styling for the archives and links pages built into Sandbox. They’re based on Ben’s original design for the Extended Live Archives Page.


Unsleepable CSS
or, copy and paste


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16 thoughts on “Unsleepable for WordPress.com

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  2. timethief

    Hi there,
    Congratulations on the re-creation of this beauty. You will find that I asked on the forum what a clickable photo header was but now that I have carefully read what you have written I think I understand what you mean or maybe not. Okay so you make a photo image and you upload it. But what’s the clickable part about? Bahhuaaaa I’m a dummy so I just don’t get it. 😦 Why would want to click it? Does it do something if you do like change into a slide show or?
    Anyway I do understand what the other features are about and I like them. Noteworthy posts is particularly cool inclusion and as you know I’m a proponent of fat footers.
    Thanks, in advance for your upcoming explanation “clickable headers for dummies”. I’ll be all ears. 😉

  3. adam Post author

    @ Ben –
    i was mostly just reproducing your credits and licensing information, since wp.com strips CSS comments.

    @ TT –
    you’re not the first to ask for it. i’ll be writing one up shortly. the main trick is text-indent: -9000px; 😉
    and clickable means that unlike the header that i’m currently using, which is just a background image, it’s like the header for neat! (example), in that clicking on it takes you back to the front page of the blog.

    @ Matt –

  4. adam Post author

    damn. they sure don’t.
    unfortunately, that’s a problem with Sandbox, not with my skin. best bet is to send in feedback from your dashboard (top left).

    update:  actually, it seems to be broken across themes today.

  5. gaminghobo

    Yeah, YouTube was down earlier but seems to be working now.

    Would just like to repeat my thanks for your work on this.

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  9. Mary

    I like this skin for Sandbox, but I cant get the header I’ve uploaded for my blog to appear. I put the url in the right place on the stylesheet. Any suggestions?

  10. adam Post author


    in your stylesheet, i don’t see the image, all i see is

    #blog-title a {
    background:transparent none no-repeat scroll 20% 82% !important;
    padding:50px 20px 0pt 0pt;

    what code are you inserting?

  11. Mary

    Thanks Adam, I’ve sorted it out-Somehow it worked
    after a few attempts! Out of interest how do you put images in the sidebar, as on the Unspeakable demo?

  12. adam Post author


    if you’re referring to the RSS icons, you’d have to use RSS widgets instead of the recent posts widget or the recent comments widget.

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