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The post of the day is Lorelle’s How NOT to Comment on Comments, which has some annoyingly true points about watching what you say, because google WILL include your comments in a search for your name.  It’s fueled by the same angst that made Design by Fire suggest hiding comments from the post page.

While the repeated requests in the paid upgrade ideas thread make it seem like a pigpen is something that people really want, i’m not convinced.  I still like my guidelines, and i’m not alone. If you delete off-topic, irrelevant, and incendiary comments swiftly, and with an explanation, people seem to step in line pretty quickly.  If it’s not swift, you should blank the comment and replace it with a link to the guidelines, so people who saw the original know what happened.

Normally this ‘how to blog’ crap makes me want to vomit, but this time, there seem to be a few decent ideas out there.


2 thoughts on “On Comments

  1. adam Post author

    feel free to borrow, and modify as you please, (example)just give a link back.
    although i should point out that i don’t delete dissenting comments, no matter how stupid i think a person is, as long as they follow the guidelines. which i think is where i differ from design by fire. they assume comments are worthless until proven otherwise.

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