I hate javascript

no, i’m fucking serious.  del.icio.us launches network badges and they wrap 2 images, 5 links, and a paragraph inside a javascript for NO FUCKING REASON WHATSOEVER.  so now whenever joe n00b comes bouncing into the forum asking how to add it to his sidebar, we have to explain the intricacies of ‘view selection source’, so we can grab the HTML instead of the stupid javascript.

i’m only so pissed because networks are such a good idea.

at this point, though, the forum is so full of threadjackers and adsense haters on the warpath, i’m having a hard time spending time in there.


5 thoughts on “I hate javascript

  1. adam Post author

    i don’t even know anymore.
    certain people seem to have gone off the deep end after the introduction of paid features they don’t want to pay for.
    you and wank seem to be bearing the brunt of it, not really sure why.

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