Searching for comments

It’s generally been agreed that the search built into wordpress doesn’t work terribly well. mainly due to it’s failure to index comments.  Being that i don’t know javascript, i staunchly refuse to dump the livesearch into anything i do.  Well, that and the fact that it takes a good 10 seconds to run on any site that’s not as optimized as

Seeing the search on, i found an idea. Yahoo!’s search API is wide open, and they have plenty of Example Code. (important for me, since i’m no expert) it still needs a hell of a lot of tweaking, but it should be relatively easy to integrate into a theme, since theme authors can control what the results page looks like.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing should be implemented as a plugin. which means going the route of falbum, or UTW, or whathaveyou, and distributing a basic template, and giving instructions on how to integrate it.