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I mean, it looks awesome. Anything that’s been refined this many times should. but seriously. He didn’t even thank Wess until Shawn pointed out where the rest of the design came from. I mean, i did give him permission to use the header a year ago. With attribution.

Oh well, at Least Natalie likes it. 😉


16 thoughts on “All I wanted was a Footnote

  1. Ben Gray

    I did talk to and thank Wess in an email BEFORE I used the theme. I should have posted it in my original post but didn’t because I was in a rush on my way out the door. Yeah, I’m shit for not posting it in the original post. I’ll admit that but it’s not like I was trying to pass it off as my own work or anything. Geez. Do you feel like I’m ripping off your grass image? Cause if so I’ll gladly take it down and use another one from someone else.

  2. Ben Gray

    Man, I’m your friend, why are you ripping me in public? Why not come to me in private FIRST and then if I’m beligerant you can rip me publicly? Shit.

  3. adam Post author

    did you ask wess if you could use it without attribution?

    “I’d like to do a redesign of my blog so I’ll be tweaking this out for a little while.”

    makes it sound like you’re doing the work yourself. it does look nice, so it would pain me to tell you to take it down. i can’t find the original email, but i’d be very surprised if i didn’t tell you to give attibution. the only reason i might not have would have been because you already had attribution for a different header.

  4. adam Post author

    Man, I’m your friend, why are you ripping me in public?

    the irony of that is brilliant.

    take 5 minutes, cool off, and look at it again.

    you redesigned, gave attribution only to the original theme author.
    someone mentions that your site looks identical to GiL.
    you give attribution to GiL

    given that pattern, posting public commentary seems to be the way to get attribution.

  5. Ben Gray

    given that pattern, posting public commentary seems to be the way to get attribution.

    Granted. I see your thinking. Still, you and I have more of a friendship than Shawn or CWD. I feel like with all you and I have talked, and the level of friendship we had, that you could have felt comfortable with coming to me personally.

  6. adam Post author

    true. but i get annoyed, and shoot first, and then ask questions.
    or, wait a day and a half 2, posts, and update, and 40 comments before shooting.
    attribution is not difficult. or unreasonable.

  7. Ben Gray

    Nope, it’s not. But between friends there are different and more tactful ways of going about pointing out someone’s asshattery. You really hurt me with not coming to me first but instead you just put it up on your billboard. I’m not disputing your rightness, I should have given you attribution. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

  8. Ben Gray

    Ok, crappy guilt trip. Sorry about that last comment.

    Overall, I know you’re right. You are. And I was wrong to use that image without attributing you. I’m very very sorry.

  9. adam Post author

    [big bear hug time]

    look, i’m sorry i posted it in public. i saw it yesterday, and i was excited as hell. it looks gorgeous. i’m glad i have a screenshot of it.

    it just looks nasty when you get called out on attribution for one thing, and only mention that one thing, and keep sweeping the rest under the rug. i just thought that as friends, we might do each other better than that.

  10. Ben Gray

    You’re absolutely right. But I didn’t delete the theme ;).

    Look. I was an asshat. If I put the theme back up, and gave you attiribution for the header image, would you be OK? Or, like, would you still be pissed?

  11. Ben Gray


    Adam, I know you and I don’t talk as much as we used to. But I want you to know that I miss your frienship and more than anything I was really mad at myself that I might have completely pushed you away with my idiocy. You don’t realize how much weight your opinion holds for me. You really don’t. Thanks for being understanding though.

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