theme designers are idiots

No really, we are. Most of us couldn’t handle setting up an SVN repository if it killed us. Let alone version update notifications. So the kids with a copy of kubrick and two crayons to rub together go and pester the repository admins every 5 minutes because there’s yet another bug in their theme. (guilty). The tools of making ugly are in the hands of some very irresponsible people.

I suppose shutting down automatic (that word is starting to look wrong without the extra ‘t’) theme uploading is better than arbitrarily deleting themes depending on the politeness of the designer.  Seriously, though: half an hour in 6 days?  I spend more time deleting spam than that.  I mean, i can’t quite hear Shadows laughing all the way across the pond.  Now I’m starting to wonder how much effort can really be spared out of such a busy schedule to run a theme competition.