option 3

rerebootingi found a nice 3rd option to fix my side/bottom bar issues. rather than having to make more divs, or double the number of images, i spanned the background all the way across, and inverted the colors of the sidebar. I now have a whole lot of extra CSS definitions, and probably more divs than i need. Add to that implementing andy and scott’s dynamic semantic body classes, and i can really cut down the size of my CSS.

I also changed from the hatched background for posts to a transparent PNG. It makes things more readable in firefox. In Internet explorer 6, it makes things look like butt, since it shows up as a big white block. The only people i know using internet explorer are my parents and my grandma, so they’ll appreciate the added readability of not having any image under the text.

Not that i’m not actively trying to get them to try out firefox or opera.

i also fixed the way post title were displaying in internet explorer, apparently it won’t allow me to float my numerals next to my headings if the heading div is defined the same as the h2 within it. so i had to split out the background color and the width from the text stylings. =/


5 thoughts on “option 3

  1. Scott

    Hey, it looks much cleaner. I think the solids are an improvement over the hatches. Nice 🙂

    When we release the revision to the Sandbox (very soon), you’ll have to implement Andy’s much, much more elegant class-generating functions.

  2. adam Post author

    yeah, i stole the pilcrow from you. it’s great for permalinks. unfortunately i need to unbold it.

    i’m waiting on baited breath for the next version of the sandbox. my ideas for styles are running wild. 😉

  3. Scott

    And what about § for categories, or, imagine this, sections? Somehow. I don’t know how it might best be used. But what a great character.

    I should post a short article on “semantic” characters, eh?

  4. adam Post author

    section is one of those things that i think has dissappeared from standard cultural understanding.
    but then, icons something i’m not qualified to discuss, without doing research first.

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