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shameless thievery:

i ♥ wp

for this thread:


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5 thoughts on “WordPress heart badges

  1. adam Post author

    haha, absolutely!
    i forgot about that. there’s definately a lot of confusion in that thread about logo vs. header vs. button etc.
    i think that’s the first one that would work as a wallpaper 😉

  2. timethief

    I’ve had a great time making buttons. But as for logos I think I’ll leave that to others. It was a lot of fun to have a distraction like this going rather than answering the same support questions over and over and directing folks to the FAQs over and over. Thanks for being a part of this time out.:)

  3. adam Post author

    god, logos are my weak point. i draw the hearts made of letters for fun, but other than that, no.

    and yeah, the more time i spend in the forums, the more i appreciate positive threads.
    that and, i do really love wordpress.

  4. adam Post author

    uh oh, prepare for a torrent, matt’s linked the thread in the dashboard of everyone who runs a wordpress blog. 😀

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