Hey, I was doing research here!

The “what’s the worst theme?” thread got slammed shut sometime yesterday. presumably for being overly critical of the service provided here. (queue eye roll) Of course, whichever admin made that decision was presumably attempting to protect the egos of said theme designers. Although i’m sure the devs get plenty tired of complaining much faster than theme authors, since most theme authors don’t seem to pay wp.com users any mind. And of course, whoever closed it didn’t seem to notice that the thread is the other half of the “what’s the best theme?” thread, which when combined provide a valuable tool to see what’s missing from the themes here, and themes in general.

especially on the eve of theundersigned’s competition.


2 thoughts on “Hey, I was doing research here!

  1. britgirl

    Cannot understand designers with apparently such thin skins. (The ones that don’t are wonderful to work with and accept criticism as a way to produce even better work.) If designers can’t stand the heat they should get out of the kitchen.

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