squible reboot


Originally uploaded by sunburntkamel.

yeah, that whole idea of giving squible a sidebar is giving me second thoughts.
i still love having a sidebar. but the way things are sliced, i have to be on tiptoes about not having my sidebar get longer than my content. that means i’ve already maxed out my neat little friends area. boo.
also, i have a very small amount of information i can store in my bottom block. so i have 2 options:
option 1:
keep the black sidebar, but split it at the seam in the main panel, so that i can fit more in the bottom block, and let the sidebar flow down past the bottom of the squiggly.

  1. the bottom edge of the squiggly isn’t clean. i don’t want to re-render to make it such
  2. i have to double all of my CSS selectors. the CSS is already 12Kb

option 2:
flip the sidebar to the left side, and widen the images. dispose of the black section altogether. despite the fact that i really like the black section, this will make the blog more aesthetically similar to other sections of the site.

  1. requires re-slicing the images.
  2. left sidebar on a right-weighted image: might draw your eye to the content, might just be completely unbalanced.