Templates vs. Design

further musing on the licensing and rationale behind making templates, via coyote’s post:

i’m now really bugged by pro-bloggers complaining about the lack of templates. if you’re blogging for money, you should expect to need to hire a designer.  despite the shaky-at-best legality of canvas‘ non-comercial license, it makes sense for them to want to release it as such.  those guys are designers.  if they successfully make every template completely customizable, they’ll  be working themselves out of a job.  it wouldn’t surprise me if, should they be convinced that they can’t distribute canvas without falling under the GPL, they stop distributing it.

clearly, i need to think about this more.


5 thoughts on “Templates vs. Design

  1. Scott

    Headline: Designer Innovates K2 Mod. To quote someone, somewhere, at least she’s not “throwing scraps to the community.”

    shopify transitive verb
    1 : to produce an environment to sell goods that otherwise wouldn’t be sellable.

  2. sunburntkamel Post author

    heh, s’cool. i got yer meaning.
    unfortunately i can’t pull any phpMyAdmin tricks to put it where it belongs.
    is she really building on k2? cos that would put her in direct violation of the GPL, as opposed to just incidental violation. 🙂

  3. Scott

    Hmm. Actually is appears she’s using Textpattern, not WordPress—but c’mon, just look at it.

  4. sunburntkamel Post author

    oh, you mean her site itself. eh.
    she can do what she pleases with that. yeah, it’s textpattern. if her site didn’t look pretty, i woulldn’t keep reading it.

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