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viitoria editted her comment where she took the bait, right before i snarked, and then yosimete made the funniest comment ever:

I would think something very, very white.

😀 genius.  then the OP goes and mentions scott.  who i’m sure would just loooove to work for him.

Seriously.  you know you’re out in left field when the evangelical christians get it, (no offense, ben, you get most things.) and you don’t.  but then, i guess if your other blog is about reminiscing about the civil war, tolerance is a bit much to expect.

OTOH, the thread being closed for anti-hate-blog snark?  lame.  as a designer, you have every right to pick and choose your clients.  that’s why he’s putting his bias up front.  that’s why my respect for viitoria went through the floor.


3 thoughts on “background: #fff

  1. Ben

    No offense taken ;). I know what you mean about the reminiscing about the Civil war and its relation to tolerance. I see it first hand all the time.

  2. Scott

    He, he, he. That’s damn funny. I did receive something of a subersive plug in that thread with someone mentioned a mod of blog.txt. I second the bhwahaha.

  3. sunburntkamel Post author

    @ben – yeeesh. barbeques may be more fun down there, but i’m quite happy with my northern latitude.

    @scott – yeah, i was trying to think of a funny way to work in an #fff comment, but having the OP skip right over the humor of #fff/white, and go straight for you, that’s just even funnier.

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