My widget sucks

And it's not the only one

My little widget won't ever be featured on see, the codex i borrowed from violates wordpress coding standards (the section on database queries). one might wonder why such code is in the codex. i'll suggest that it's probably to cover the fact that the bad behavior of get_links_list has been ignored for over a year. the powers that be seem to think that we should just stop whining, and wait another 6 months (or however long it takes 2.1 to be made public) for wp_list_bookmarks.

I'm not a coder, i'm a designer. i know just enough php to fix how my theme looks. i like the links manager. i like not having to delve into code to change my aesthetics. it really sucks to get such a snarky comment for assuming the codex is correct. and for having the gall to suggest that a widget that violates the widget API shouldn't be part of the default widgets. theme authors shouldn't have to disable the standard widgets. present compatability is a FAR bigger problem than future compatibility.

and yeah, i'm upset, and lashing out, and this will probably result in my eating more humble pie later, when this gets read and rebroadcast. but my best attempts at a polite email and post got me snark, so this is just enough snark to balance things back out.