Update, in point form

  • i had a moment of hubris this weekend, and updated disconnected and submitted it to the WordPress 2.0 Theme competition.  not that i think i'm going to win or anything (or even that i would want a prize that involves iTMS), but the 1.5 theme competition sort of became the defacto list of non-suck wordpress themes.
  • inspired by Lesser of Two Evils' Mod of disconnected, i've been fixing the things that bug me about disconnected on my own blog.  i figure if there are 200-odd downloads of it thus far, i should differentiate myself a bit.
  • real life is sucking ALL of my energy right now
  • what's left is going into writing my list for mission101, which i'll be posting on may 25.
  • one of those items is writing a blog template that integrates with archgfx
  • which is why i didn't do CSSReboot
  • who are getting royally fucked by their webhosts.