WordPress Creating Heavy System Loads « WordPress Support

WordPress Creating Heavy System Loads « WordPress Support

yep, this was me last night.

the email from easycgi is below the jump.

Hi Adam,

Your website, archgfx.net, has been flagged for using excessive system resources in it’s shared hosting environment. Specifically, your website is consistently using a large amount of system processor caused by the PHP processes originating from the location below:


Process PID CPU CPU Time Private Bytes Working Set Description
php.exe 3616 44.29 0:00:19.046 17,424 K 20,832 K PHP Script Interpreter

Process: php.exe Pid: 3616

Type Name
File C:\Websites\archgfx474\archgfx.net\blog\wp-content\cache\wp_object_cache.lock
File C:\Websites\archgfx474\archgfx.net

These processes began today at approximately 6:00 PM EST and lasted until your Web site was stopped at 11:00 PM EST.

This usage appears to be an issue with Word Press software, specifically when it is caching the pages.

The WordPress cache system causes an issue because cache.php does not do a good job on cache cleaning, thus thousands of cached files can be generated and indexed. Every time index.php gets accessed, WordPress looks into these cached files and the usage goes high.

This can cause the index.php to use 50% of the web server processor for 90 seconds, until the script times out.

This can be fixed by Disabling the cache system. In wp-config.php:

define('DISABLE_CACHE', true);

For the full Discussion:

Your Web site will remain stopped until you can resolve this issue within your local development environment and ensure this type of usage will not repeat once re restart your Web site. When responding to this message, please explain the steps you have taken to correct the issue so we may be able to better identify and prevent related future issues. Repeated excessive resource usage will result in account suspension and possibly account termination.

In a shared hosting environment we can’t allow a single website to use resources at this level. As stated in Section 3 of our terms and conditions, a single Web site cannot use more than 10% of any system resource for a period longer than 60 seconds.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Joseph Kozak
– Easy CGI Support

i fixed the file within like 7 minutes of the email, but i forgot that i had 2 wordpress installs, and it was actually my testblog that was causing the problem.