we can all be scobleizer now

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the new version of regulus allows custom image headers. need hosting? put your image in a post. leave it as a draft indefinately, view the draft, right click > copy image location. put that location in your custom header URI. sweet. thanks matt!


8 thoughts on “we can all be scobleizer now

  1. Ben

    You’re the first person I have seen use this feature. Hopefully it will become more popular as people realise it’s there.

  2. Sous


    I am trying to change my header and have done as you wrote above but every time I add the url the error message IMAGE INVALID Check URL and try again comes up. What am I doing wrong. Please help me, I am tearing my hair out here.


  3. Sous

    And sorry I forgot to say, there is no such thing as Copy Image Location coming up when I right click so I have only been able to copy it from properties.

  4. sunburntkamel Post author

    ok, i did some digging.
    you’re trying to link the thumbnail, not the full sized image.

    although, the problem might be that you can’t link an image that’s not in a live post, i don’t know, i haven’t tried for sure. i used this method on blogspot, but here i only tried it after actually posting the image.

  5. Sous

    Cheeers now I am getting somewhere. Just need to make it look good as well now ;). Thank you for replying so quickly. You’re a star.

  6. sunburntkamel Post author

    ok, no, it definately works. step by step:
    1 – start a new post
    2 – scroll down to the upload section.
    3 – browse to your header image
    4 – click upload
    5 – once uploaded (in the browse tab), click the picture
    6 – in the menu that shows up, click “Using thumbnail” (it will change and say “using Original”)
    7 – in the same menu, click “send to editor”
    8 – click the “save and continue editting” button
    9 – after the page reloads, scroll down to the preview section
    10 – right click the picture, and view its properties
    11 – copy the image URL
    12 – go to the current theme options, and paste the URL
    13 – save theme options

    the image viewer on the current theme options page doesn’t work. it probably has to do with wordpress.com. it’s not important. your page will now show your custom header

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