Dis Con Nec Ted

disconnected theme screenshot

there's a new link at the top of the page. After jon's commments about page loading time, i decided to invest some more time in my disconnected theme. It just so happened that the day after the initial release, Automattic released the widgets plugin for standalone wordpress installs. it's a fantastic plugin, i think. so, i took some more time to add support to the theme. that's the main reason i haven't posted about the theme until now.

It's pretty easy to add support, although i (naturally) made it hard for myself. I wanted to preserve the Inward/Outward structure of the sidebar, so i had to a) make two sidebars, with descriptive names, and b) modify the before and and after widget code so that widgets look nice. it would have been easier to just dump the default widgets in in place of the whole sidebar, but that's one of my main problems with the original connections, that each sidebar heading is too heavy.
Unfortunately, the blogroll widget is rather shortsighted, so i had to disable it. fortunately, since i suck at php, Matthew Holger released a links block widget that respects $before_widget and $before_title. so if you like the theme, and you like widgets, you'll need to use that.

Click the image for download and further information.