Scooter – Nessaja (Nude Version)

i don’t know how the fuck scooter is still around, let alone making the same music they always have. but they have nekkid chicks.


6 thoughts on “Scooter – Nessaja (Nude Version)

  1. dickintoyourass

    naked chicks, right? that’s all you’ve got in your head? and you don’t know how they are still around? maybe you don’t like them but others do you pathetic dude. scooter are the best, love them and especially this song!!!

  2. adam Post author

    see… the only way i found out about scooter to start with was when some friends of mine took a tour of europe. they just played their first set in chicago ever like 2 months ago. dance music just doesn’t translate on this side of the ocean in the US.

    and this isn’t a dig at scooter. they’re awesome, and the video is hilarious.

  3. Steve

    I don’t know about that adam. I think it might just be the States. I’m in Toronto, about 6.5 million people in the area, and the most popular radio station is mostly known for dance and euro. I heard a scooter song just the other week. I’m not bashing the States or anything but do you think it might be that scooter (and all other european artists) are just categorized as “disco” and laughed at. I’m just saying because I’ve heard that a couple of times from my trips to Detroit where I have family.

  4. adam Post author

    right you are, i shouldn’t have generalized! and yes, most of it gets lumped into absurd categories, like disco, or electronica, and left to rot.

  5. J

    who gives a fuck the shit is still tight …..somewhere deep inside somewhere deep inside me

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