pingbacks don't work at all with disconnected. now i'm pinging K2 to make sure it isn't just my server. for all the trouble it is to run wordpress on my IIS setup, i'd be better off just using this blog as my full time blog. except that i can't post cool bleep players in iframes here.

UPDATE: it seems that even the venerable K2 is not accepting trackbacks or pingbacks. it's most likely that these failures are related to my recent updating to WordPress 1.5.3 Beta-1. i'm forever forced to choose between security and functionality. grumble. it looks like i may try the WP 2.0.2 update. i'm leary, because the install script won't run on a test blog.

UPDATE 2: the trackback from the G5tiger entry showed up, but Akismet gave it a false positive.  fuckbuckets.  so, pingbacks are definately broken.  Akismet is definately overwhelmed.  i need to find that plugin that moderates all comments on entries older than 10 days.