Why i use squible, and how it could be better


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despite being super slick looking, this image is a great example of what’s wrong with 90% of blogs.

scrolling. and scrolling. and more scrolling.
it’s the freebird of user interfaces. squible defaults to posting only an excerpt of one entry, and linking to the rest. i’m not sure about excerpting the post, but showing only one post at a time is much better. linking to old articles in the next spot down ensures that anyone used to reading blogs will at least have something to click on, even if the miles of old entries aren’t there.

still, there are some things that aren’t intuitive. when you go into any archive page, all you get are excerpts. excerpts stripped of any formatting, and with no (read more…) link. especially in the case of the asides category, this isn’t the most usable.
asides are generally a quick post with a link. if there’s no link, why are we reading it? might as well just be a headline.
simple enough to fix, i just need the time to do it.


2 thoughts on “Why i use squible, and how it could be better

  1. openswitch

    About the archive pages not having a “read more…” link. I think this has been discussed on the K2 forum as well. I’m not sure of the result because it all seemed over my head at the time. Now though I think I could hack it out.

    You’re right though about the scrolling thing. I was reading on stylegala.com and someone said something that really made sense to me, that if you have to scroll-wheel down the page more than 2 or 3 times your blog is too long.

  2. sunburntkamel Post author

    yeah, i think you’d have to fundamentally change how the_excerpt works. i ended up just not excerpting on archive pages.

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