5 things (stolen from ben)

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  1. sunburntkamel Post author

    Ten years ago
    14, freshman in high school, i could count my friends on one hand.

    Five years ago
    19, i’d just ditched the whole christianity thing in favor of a fight club-esque spiral into nihilism. somehow, i managed to stop before the bottom.

    One year ago
    just married, broke as hell, just escaped the roommate from hell, melanie and i were holed up in a studio, just the two of us, scraping by on one salary from a job that often didn’t pay.

    Five yummy things
    beer, pizza, burritos, popcorn, coffee,

    Five songs I know by heart
    skid row – youth gone wild
    metallica – enter sandman
    nine inch nails – the downward spiral (yeah, the whole album)
    primus – antipop (loooooooooooong nights in studio)
    the decemberists – mariner’s revenge song

    Five things I would do with a lot of money
    buy a house, buy a civic hybrid, buy my parents a house, pay off my sister’s tuition, and buy a ferrari (the laptop, not the car).

    Five places I would escape to
    my bed, my headphones, a long walk/bike ride in the dark, …

    Five things I would never wear
    Spandex, leopard print, a bra, short shorts, a sandwich board.

    Five favourite TV shows
    rescue me, coupling, the oc, law and order, samurai champloo

    Five things I enjoy doing
    (we’ll stay SFW here) biking, listening to music, designing anything, poking the keyboard, watching movies

    Favourite toys
    my bike, my MD player, my camera, my computer, my xbox

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